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Mitchell Wayne

Savannah and Mitchell Wayne

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

We are so happy you are here! The day Mitch and I have been long awaiting is almost here and we cannot wait to share it with you all. Our story began in Louisville in the Spring of 2020. We met in Cherokee Park during a storm and the rest was history. We spent the coming seasons inseparable-- boating on the Ohio, walks in the park, and lots of takeout dates. As the late year rolled around, I thought he liked me enough to not leave me after meeting my family, so to Illinois we drove. My family warmed to him effortlessly. Mitch eased me into his family but wasted no time meeting the most significant of relatives-- Nana, Papaw, and Poppe. As days turned to months and months turned to years, we've managed to squeeze a lot of life into our time together. We both have encountered our share of hardships and losses which has strengthened our relationship as well as with those we love around us. Weekend trips, date nights, and time with family are a shared priority of ours. Our date nights have been cut short lately as we have recently acquired a black and white furball named Nana. She has brought an unprecedented amount of love (and hair) into our lives . We are fond of the number 3 for our little herd and she definitely brings up the family cuteness average. Mitchell Wayne and I are overjoyed to begin our lives together and cannot wait to share our most important day with you all. We hope to be seeing you soon to celebrate!
With Love,
Savannah & Mitchell Wayne